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Sava Sara Brakada, AKA Xsara was born on 06-27-2004. She was raised in Kennel Brakada spending the first two months of her life on beautiful countryside Gorenjska (Slovenia) with her siblings and parents. As soon as she came to Ljubljana we started a puppy class, followed by an obedience class. She passed her B-bh exam with 96 points (instructor Agility EO winner Polona Bonač). We now continue with Rally-Obedience under Polona's supervision. Our biggest passion however is Agility. We started our first Agility class in October 2005 (club Agility Ilirija, instructor Silvia Trkman, two times agility world champion). When Silvia stopped teaching agility classes, we switched to Daša Zakotnik. We regularly participate in Agility trials in Slovenia and sometimes abroad. Xsara also loves to learn new dog tricks, you can see some of them in our videos. Her other passions include long walks, big meals and playing with dogs, specially her pyr shep sister Tani, her crazy agility pals and her sister Sena.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Quick Update

A quick update while the girls sleep :) They have become very good friends, they play together, cuddle together, eat together, Xsara really looks after her and I think she's very happy to have somebody to play with 24/7. Tani is crazy about Xsara, she constantly gives her little kisses and is very happy when Xsara kisses her back. I expected there to be more jealousity, so I'm very happy to see them be such great sisters to one another.

As pyrenean shepherds need so much socialisation, I pretty much take Tani with me everywhere I go. I have a little doggy backpack (similar to a sherpa crate) so I just put her in and off we go. She is very brave, loves people and animals and is incredibly nosy :) She is still a little afraid of trucks and buses, but not too scared around them at all. Every time Tani and I come back home, Xsara will first check if I brought Tani back and be clearly happy to see her, only then will she greet me as well :)

I'm also happy to report that Xsara is back to training and, naturally, we take Tani with us when we train. Yesterday we tried sending her through the tunnel for the first time and then we ran around the wings of jumps with bars on the ground. With Xsara, we're working on her being more independent on the course. I think it looks quite promissing, I'm very happy with yesterday's training, really. Her weaves entries are very good and her contacts are also more and more independent. She is very happy to be running again, that's for sure!

We took the girls to the seaside a couple of times as the weather finally improved for the weekend. There is already Spring on the coast so we had such a wonderful time. Unfortunately, I think Tani will probably not be crazy about swimming, so I will have two dogs and none of them will swim with me, urgh! I'm also teaching them tricks full time. Tani already knows "cik" (go around an object and turn left), "go on" and "get in the bowl". With Xsara I was a little busy practicing a routine for a tricks show we participated in (at the opening of a new pet store), but am planning on teaching her some new tricks as well.

Now they are awake again so I'm taking them for a loooong walk! Will write again as soon as I have more time! Thank you all for your comments and welcome wishes for Tani, we really appreciate it :)


Dughallmor Beagles said...

So lovely to see the girls! Great that they are adjusting to having each other around and getting on so well, look forward to watching this little one grow up before our eyes :D
Slobbers xx

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Tank woo fur the pupdate!

It is soooo khool to see they are getting on sooooo furry well!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for the update - glad to know that things are going well and that Xsara and Tani are best friends!

Kess And Her Mama said...

It is great to see that Xsara is back to her normal self and is back on the track again! What a treat for her to have a baby sis to play with! Have fun with the girls.

Amber-Mae said...

We are so happy to know that the girls are getting along so well! I bet Xsara loves her alot & Tani loved her back as well. Wow! Tani learned new tricks already? How kool! Can't wait when she grows older & learns many tricks & have her own video series of tricks like Xsara!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Patience-please said...

How wonderful to hear that Xsara is doing well and that she has a darling little friend!

The Army of Four said...

We're so glad to hear that the girls are getting along so well! Maybe Xsara has some maternal instincts that kicked in?
Tani is an adorable little fuzzy! :)
Tail wags,

Tee said...

Xsara and Tani are GORGEOUS!!!

can we be friends?

licks and wags,

Tuffy of Dog WOods

FleasGang said...

Ahhh! It's great having a big sis isn't it Tani? You're going to have the best time learning things and Xsara is going to love teaching them to you.

Tommy & Shelly

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Ohmy...Tani is beautiful~! So glad the girls are fast friends.

Lorenza said...

Sure is nice to know they are getting along so well.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

kharma and pogonip said...

We're glad the "sisters" are getting along so well. When are you posting video of them in action together? Seems that puppies are so active, only a video will do them justice.

Tee said...

what lovely girls. Glad to hear that they are getting on well with each other! Xsara sure can fly - from her photos!! Can Tami do the same?

LIcks and Wags,

TUffy of Dog Woods


it's really nice that both get along so well, they seem to be having so much fun....