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Sava Sara Brakada, AKA Xsara was born on 06-27-2004. She was raised in Kennel Brakada spending the first two months of her life on beautiful countryside Gorenjska (Slovenia) with her siblings and parents. As soon as she came to Ljubljana we started a puppy class, followed by an obedience class. She passed her B-bh exam with 96 points (instructor Agility EO winner Polona Bonač). We now continue with Rally-Obedience under Polona's supervision. Our biggest passion however is Agility. We started our first Agility class in October 2005 (club Agility Ilirija, instructor Silvia Trkman, two times agility world champion). When Silvia stopped teaching agility classes, we switched to Daša Zakotnik. We regularly participate in Agility trials in Slovenia and sometimes abroad. Xsara also loves to learn new dog tricks, you can see some of them in our videos. Her other passions include long walks, big meals and playing with dogs, specially her pyr shep sister Tani, her crazy agility pals and her sister Sena.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sena Is In The House

Thursday evening we went to get Sena who will spend a week with us. Xsara wasn't too jealous and let Sena have a spot on the bed next to me. She curled next to us herself as well. Yesterday we made a trip to Planina and the girls were behaving very nicely. Xsara is still a little tired from her virosis so she's a little calmer than usual and Sena is quite a calm dog in general. Today we had to cancel a trial in Ptuj because the vet said she should still rest for a couple of days. He is probably right, Xsara is still not begging for food when we eat so I guess she's not completely OK yet. I'm sorry to miss a beautiful day on trial and the first competition of Xsara's friend Ben, but health comes first. There will be many more trials anyhow!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Double Achievement For Brakada

We had a trial in Gornja Radgona on Saturday. We had a very nice sunny day. There was a hunting dog expo next to the trial where they chose Xsara's mom Ella for the BOB beagle. The day was very successfull for the kennel Brakada since Xsara also celebrated 3rd place in agility, but I guess it was more luck than anything else this time. An Austrian judge was judging the trial and his courses were a little different from ours. I was particularly nervous because of that and I ran like a chicken on the course. Xsara understood my weird signals unbelievably well and the first run was clean. Which means he acchieved two conditions for the next level in only three trials which is pretty impressive. She could have made all three of them if I weren't so silly. We're not rushing there anyway, we just got to the 2nd level. We had some problems with weaves in second run so we gained one fault and it also showed in timing that we repeated the entire weaves. Since most dogs didn't Q we still finished 3rd. On Sunday I regretted going to this trial. She had had digestional problems already on Friday but it wasn't bad and I decided to go anyway. I misjudged the situation or she got worse because she was running. She's on antibiotics now and has a diet which requires her to eat horse meat risotto. She was feeling bad for a couple of days, but now she's much better. I'm so sorry but on Saturday she really looked well enough, she was jumping around like always. Tomorrow we will get to babysit her sister Sena for a week, I'm sure that will cheer her up

Monday, April 16, 2007


There will be more videos now that I have all the equipment. Here is a video of our "mouse" Xsara for Halloween. I will soon be adding some of the tricks we have learned so far.

Friday, April 13, 2007

By The Beautiful Sea

We spent the entire day by the sea today and we visited the castle and park Miramare. The weather was beautiful but Xsara and Ben had to be on leash in the park. That's why we later went on Slovenian coast where they could run around a little. Xsara is now happily asleep so that she will be able to run around again tomorrow.

A Trial in Ajdovščina - New Video

I'm attaching Xsara's second run from Ajdovščina. I think this was probably one of our worse runs until now, but it happened to be the first time we remembered to bring a camera. I finally have all the equipment so there will be more videos from now on. Today we are going to the sea with Ben and in Italy to get Interceptor pills. Maybe I will manage to catch something on the camera.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Trial in Ajdovščina

On yesterday's trial in Ajdovščina we had an off-course on the first obstacle because of my mastake. Nevertheless we finished the course very nicely. We had a very nice day, like it's summer already. After the trial we visited Xsara's breeder since their kennel gained five new puppies yesterday. Otherwise Xsara and I have been training for B-bh exam. I'm attaching the link to the video of Xsara's first run from yesterday's trial without the disqualifying mistake (no censorship, the girl who was taping it just turned the camera on a little late): Thanks so Petra for the video!