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Sava Sara Brakada, AKA Xsara was born on 06-27-2004. She was raised in Kennel Brakada spending the first two months of her life on beautiful countryside Gorenjska (Slovenia) with her siblings and parents. As soon as she came to Ljubljana we started a puppy class, followed by an obedience class. She passed her B-bh exam with 96 points (instructor Agility EO winner Polona Bonač). We now continue with Rally-Obedience under Polona's supervision. Our biggest passion however is Agility. We started our first Agility class in October 2005 (club Agility Ilirija, instructor Silvia Trkman, two times agility world champion). When Silvia stopped teaching agility classes, we switched to Daša Zakotnik. We regularly participate in Agility trials in Slovenia and sometimes abroad. Xsara also loves to learn new dog tricks, you can see some of them in our videos. Her other passions include long walks, big meals and playing with dogs, specially her pyr shep sister Tani, her crazy agility pals and her sister Sena.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Isn't She Lovely

I have some new pictures of Xsara in action, thanks to our Iztok and Andraz again. We are so lucky to have two photographers among agility enthusiasts in Slovenia, so we always have many beautiful pictures of our dogs on trials. Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!

Also I was asked to write a post about working dogs for Halo Pets. Since I really loved the topic that they proposed, I agreed. They also published some pictures and a video of Xsara :)


Sparky said...


Wonderful pictures of you in action! I love the last weaving shot best... Very cool!

Happy Canada Day!


Kess & Her Mama said...

I agree with Sparky. The weaving shots are fantastic. Xsara had such an intense look on her face as she concentrated real hard. Well done Xsara and congrats Barby for being invited to write for Halo Pets!

River said...

I'm just so amazed that a beagle can do that. Yes, I believe any dog can do anything but you need a dedicated trainer==which my mom readily admits she is not. I love that beagles bark all the while doing agility (like Diesel & Marvin). Xsara is beautiful in action.

love & wags,

Girasol said...

Nice action pictures. Xsara looks like she really enjoy that great task.

Amber-Mae said...

Love those shots of you in action girl! I'd say, keep'em coming!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Tatum Tot said...

Ooo how fun! I'm going to do agility too when I learn how. My two brothers do it and they love it!

My Mum says to tell you she heard Silvia Turkman came by here and gave a seminar and one of her hooman friends went to it and really liked it! We are in Utah USA!

My Mum's Mum was born in Slovakia, which seems to be kinda close to where you are!

Clover said...

She IS lovely! Great shots of Xsara! I always love looking at your agility pics and videos.
Love Clover xo

Lorenza said...

I love all those agility pictures of Xsara! Thanks for sharing them!
Kisses and hugs

Serendipity said...

Xsara, you looked as if you were having the time of your life! Great pictures of you!

The Army of Four said...

What gorgeous pictures! Xsara, you are SO beatiful and athletic!
Play bows,
PS: Sorry about Sena's people's descision. :(

Pacco de Mongrel said...

those are some cool shots...

Thor said...

Great shots of you in action! I love your pictures and videos!


Sandra said...

Hi, I'm Sandra from Luxembourg and I just discovered your homepage. I own an AGILITY-CRAZY Beagle too, so I was very pleased to see the pictures of your Xsara. I'm going to participate at the EO in Gelsenkirchen and I read that you will be there too. That's great and maybe we and our beagles could meet there... If you let me know your e-mail adress, I can send you some pictures of my dog:-)

Xsara ... said...

thanks to all of you :)

sandra: my e-mail address is I would love to meet you on EO, I will look you up - we are leaving on Thursday.